Jr Balrog Surprise Drops

Sharing the loots dropped by Jr.Balrog. The drops from Jr.balrog has yet to change much. All the scrolls and equipments dropped by jr balrog have not yet changed after so many patches like maplestory big bang,jump.ImagerImageImageImageImage.





Redemption, Red Hinkel, 60% One handed Sword for ATT

MapleSEA EE Glitched Equipments YET REMOVED!

So Asiasoft did NOTHING at all to EE Glitched Equipments? Another fake promise to all maplers that they will take action on glitched items and yet there is no removal of EE glitched items. Cheaters own the game, many players have equipped with EE Glitched equipments and achieved godly damage that never before. 

For the fairness and stabilizability of the MapleSEA game, again, please remove all the EE glitched equipments NOW! The whole market is now spreading out with tons of EE glitch equipments 

If you saw any equipments 8 stars or above, report to iBox immediately and get the EE glitched equipments get removed asap.



Yellow Snowshoes – Enhancement Hacking Professional

MapleStory Enhancement Hack

Yellow Snowshoes

Proud Achievement of my MapleStory Journey. The Best Scrolled/Cubed/Enhanced Equipment by MapleSecrets! After 2 years, I finally scrolled this equipment to perfect stats and cubed to 7 stars! These days scrolling costs like a bomb… everyone is using Miracle scroll to scroll their equipments. 3 lines of ignore damage -_- really make me crazy!!

Stupid Asiasoft ! Make me loss 1.5b on miracle gloves for attack | MapleSEA removed miracle scroll for gloves for ATTACK.

Recently, I saw the notice on the maplesea forum that asiasoft want to remove miracle scroll for gloves for attack and miraculous chaos scrolls from all the characters of maplesea on 9 november 2011 ! Asiasoft is cunning



Good news to all the treasure lovers out there! Mr. Sandman, a coin collector is offering his items for your Cracked Mesos!

From 15th September 2011 to 26th October 2011 1st October 2011, you are able to redeem prizes from Mr. Sandman using Bronze Cracked Mesos, Silver Cracked Mesos, and Gold Cracked Mesos.

image Gold Cracked Mesos
image Silver Cracked Mesos
image Bronze Cracked Mesos


If you have been playing mapleSEA recently, you should have well-informed of the Meso Dungeon Event that gives grand prizes like miracle scroll for gloves for attack and miraculous chaos scroll 60%. I taken part on the event and spent around 3b for each miracle scroll for gloves for att by buying the meso cracked coins from hacker 1.5m each. So this is what happened now !!! I have stocked up miracle scroll for gloves for att and yet now you noticed us that you are going to remove the miracle scroll for gloves for att and miraculous chaos scroll 60%? and NO compensation will be given ? Amusing huh?

It is very hard-cold decision for me now to scroll all the miracle gloves for attack or to sell away in MTS for 80k@cash each, or 2b each in FM…. the mesos spent on buying the meso cracked coins are hard-earned money from my grinding. Surely, I got to do something quick before 9 novemeber or else all my miracle scroll for gloves for attack scrolls vanish in thin air. I know there are many and many of maplers who are in hold of tons of miraculous chaos scroll 60% and miracle scroll for gloves for attack. So tell us what to do now? OMG. If you have any miracle scroll GFA or miraculous chaos scroll 60%, just sell it now at any price before too late. Just sell.


Written by: maplesecrets


Everyone in MapleSEA is too rich that there are NOTHING worth to BUY anything now in Free Market | MapleSEA DOOM DAY ! When MapleSEA Ends?

So today, what happened is that I earned another 600m from my store sales. I want to do some goods trading on Aquila. To my consternation, there is almost nothing worth to buy and re sell in free market. YES ! NOTHING ! Is this a sign of ‘end of traders’ era’? Sure, the mesos rate is sooooooooo cheap now that everyone is buying mesos, which makes everyone now in MapleSEA so RICH now !

100m-4.63 SGD

Even a normal mapler that I came across, posses at least 1b mesos. WTF?!!!? Everyone becomes BILLIONAIRE now in MapleSEA?

Unique Items are also raised to more than 2.1b (max mesos limit). Most of the stores set the unique items’ prices at 2.1b+ and left some mesos in their stores which make the unique items that set at 2,147,483,647 cannot sell off at all.

Free market are now flooded with useless scrolls and items -_- WTF??!!??? useless items and yet selling at high prices.

Also, due to the continuous MapleSEA server crashes and server checks which deter maplers from opening their stores now, there are lesser shops in free market now. Priority, there were shops in all the 22 Free market rooms at ch 1 and now it has dropped to only 10+ rooms which are filled with shops. The server crashes are caused by packet editors and massive amount of hackers in the server. I won’t not say too much on this. All the crashes packets are available for free for public in MapleStory hacking forums. Which means everyone with basics of hacking skills can easily crashes the server.


Written by: MapleSecrets

How to gain fames fast on MapleStory | Getting Fames on MapleStory Fast | Fast Fames on MapleStory

Are you struggling for ways to gain your fames in order to enter certain maps? Due to the new 50 fames restriction implemented on MapleSEA. Maplers are now desperate to get their fames up to 50. It is almost vital for all traders and mesos sellers to get 50 fames in order to enter free market. Even normal players now are buying fames for 100k~200k. The rise of fame prices is really ……. prior to this each fame costs only 50k-100k.. now almost double. 50 Fames requirement is actually devised by Asiasoft to stop further damage from hackers. To thwart the hackers from entering the free market to spam their website and advertise their mesos exchanging information. However, this is futile, hackers are still shouting in free market to advertise even more crazier and lowered the mesos rate to 150m=rm10 or $5 sgd.

The 50 fames requirement also did not stop hackers from grinding in training maps. Popular training spots are filled with at least 15 professional vac hackers at 15 channels respectively. Some of them even bypass-ed the fames system. Again, this is futile and is not a viable solution to put an end for hackers and this even make we, the maplers suffer, we need to buy fames in order to enter maps, the fames may cost a bomb for a normal mapler.

Apart from that, recently, there is a exploit that can teleport anywhere in MapleSEA using packet editor, maplers used this exploit to teleport to bosses’ maps and steal loots. Stay tune to MapleSecret, if you want to know how to gain fames at ease.


Written by: MapleSecret

MapleSEA (Aquila)

MapleStory Scrolling Secrets Exposed | MapleStory Scrolling Method | MapleStory Scrolling Tips

Fail ! fail ! fail ! not again… the item has been destroyed by the scroll… I’m going to quit MapleStory. This is what most of the maplers tell me, and the reason always is that that one of their main equipments was destroyed, therefore they cannot afford to buy another one and cannot train their characters, thus choose to quit MapleStory! This is the wrong mindset for a professional scroller! If you are having this kind of mindset, you can click on the cross at the upper right hand corner now!

Success !  This should be the correct mindset for a scroller on MapleStory even if you have failed any single scroll, you continue to scroll! Three words ”Never give up”. This is what I am thinking of when I want to scroll a godly equipment.

I have encountered countless of failure,booming,success of scrolling. If I tell you that I have scrolled more than 10k pieces of scrolls (not 100% scrolls), do you believe? This is true, scrolling used to be my hobby, I scroll everyday. I find new scrolling methods everyday. Finally, I have found my own scrolling methods that works! There are many people who are failing scrolls everyday, this is because they don’t know the biggest secrets behind scrolling !

There are many professional scrollers in MapleSEA who have their own scrolling methods, keeping to their own self, however, for my MapleStory Scrolling Methods that are revealed here. Scrolling perfect equipments has never been easy, I used 3-4 years to scroll my first 7 30% passed equipment that is Yellow snowshoes ! I know most of you won’t believe it!  I boomed countless of clean yellow snowshoes and waste so many of 30% shoes for jump scrolls. Finally this was created. Look ! This is the success of  ”Never giving up”. Of course, I’m not the only one who passed 7 30%. There was a guy who passed his marine staff in Cass (MapleSEA Server) 7 30% too. So how do I pass 7 30% scrolls on a single equip? and get perfectly scrolled items? The 8th slot of the yellow snowshoes was scrolled with miracle shoes for jump.


MapleStory Scrolling Tips

Written by: MapleSecrets

MapleStory Guild EXP Table | Guild EXP Point | Guild EXP to level

Are you searching for MapleStory Guild EXP Table ?

GP received from GPQ is dependant on how fast your guild is at completing it.

You get 60 gp for the 1st three stages
You get 20 gp from leaving all the rooms in stage 4
50 gp is a high estimate for clearing the last stage(been forever no idea)
Max gp at boss stage is 850 and goes down the slower you are(below 1:07). so you get under 1k per pq.

15min run=4k for an hr, 4×24=92+(650 or w/e OP said afking person all day was x6). So its 95k.

For more information please visit MapleStory Guild EXP Table

Written by: MapleSecrets


MapleStory Chaos Update Training Guide | MapleStory Chaos Training Spot | MapleStory Training Grounds Chaos

So i saw that crappy guide that the other random person made and thought i could make a better one for all of GK to use… Here it is

One MAJOR thing to keep in mind is experience formula is 2% per level difference not 5% anymore so u can train on mobs 10 levels higher with only 20% miss rate!

1.Do you job questing and use kami to help you out.

1.Kami at Blue Ribbon Pigs. Should take under 15 minutes.
2.Horntop Mushrooms are good for kami.

1.Kami at Stone Golems,Dark golems, and Mixed Golems.
2.Zombie Lupins is a alternative.

1.Do quests for Mushroom Castle with kami is Optional.
2.Kerning square mobs Ex: Cherry cup mob thingys, Manaquins, and CD’s.

1.Drakes,DRAKES,DRAKES!!! Great exp lvl 50-70 literally took my DB around 2hours and maybe 30mins at different drakes.
2.You can go to Korean Folk Town for an alternative and train of different mobs there.
3.Omega Sector has some good mobs lvl 60+ Mateons and Plateons.
4.60+ Sand Rats are alright but i still perfer drakes mostly Ice drake and Dark drake map, They have 24 mobs and great spawn.

1. Sand rats and Scorpions are really good for exp.
2.Iron mutaes are pretty good exp. I perfer Sand Rats and scorpions during this level.
3.Wolf spiders can be good from what I hear. Not exactly a hotspot but don’t bot during GM hours and nothing will happen to you.

1.C-1 map, and C-2 map. Roids and Nehuriods are what i think of during 80-90.
2.Wolf spider still are an options.

1.Gs 1-6 are good. Preferably Slimies.
2.Wolf spiders….. Maybe?

Major point! LEVEL 100 WOOT!!!! Now training maps are running low

1.Ghost ship is still good exp for you.
2.Ludi maps can be good?

1.If your a complete bum just stay at ghost ship….
2.Ghost pirates and the spirit vikings and crap.

This guide is made for use of GK. If you use this click the THANKS button don’t just say it.
I can add images if needed. Also you can post and add other training options. Later on when i get to higher levels I’ll add on to this and hopefully it gets sticked